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Jimmy Wilgus, Wrongfully Detained in Russia
"An innocent man, in a living hell."
- Bob Dylan, The Hurricane
James Vincent Wilgus

One day before the US Presidential Election in November of 2016, James "Jimmy" Vincent Wilgus, a 47-year-old American Citizen from New Jersey, and renowned Musician, Composer, Singer, who performed  in Eastern Europe, was forcibly detained by Russian police, falsely charged for a crime he didn't commit, unjustly tried and sentenced by a Russian judicial system to an unconscionable 12.5 years in a harsh Russian Labor Camp (the notorious Mordovia, Russia Penal Colony IK 17).  

"Only I have seen the world through my eyes."

- Jimmy Wilgus, January 2023

Prayer for a Prisoner

God of infinite mercy, look down upon Jimmy, your precious child; on this day which seems like every other day.

Sorrow remains his best friend, which includes among its attributes, loneliness, mental anguish, heartache and hints of despair.

Only you, Lord, understands his heart, his mind and the depths of his soul. Only you can comprehend the intensity of the cross he bears.

We bow before you and beg your intercession. Give James the strength of character to accept what he cannot change and to surrender fully to Your Providential care.

This prayer we offer through Christ, our Lord, Amen.

- Reverend John G. Hillier, Ph.D, Diocese of Metuchen, NJ

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